Aloha — Resort '19

We are excited to introduce you to our Exclusive Yu Mei Resort '19 collection.
The collection was inspired by the Hollywood glamour of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. 

The pink palace that is the Royal Hawaiin opened its doors in 1927 with a slew of Hollywood royalty, such as the silent film heartthrob Rudolph Valentino.  Since its grand opening, The Royal Hawaiin has remained an icon of opulence and luxury. 

Its Spanish pink stucco facade was the inspiration behind our Hawaiian Pink colourway. Beautiful palm trees surround the hotel complimenting the pink facade and match our soft Palm Green colourway. 

Jessie fell in love with The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on a recent trip to Waikiki beach in Hawaii. Where she lay in the sun, drank Hawaiian cocktails and basked in the magnificence of the sandy beaches, blue skies and palm trees.

This season we have also done bespoke gradient colours in collaboration with NZLL Tannery in Timaru. Each leather was dyed and then hand finished by spraying a second colour over the top to give it a gradient finish. Earlier this month we went down to Timaru to finish a few ourselves. 

Aloha friends

Aloha — Resort '19