Meet the family — Lise

Meet Lise, our angel sent from France to teach us the secrets of the European leather trade. Lise is a hardworking girl afraid of no challege  not even when that challange comes in the form of a carpet bag. Lise moved back to Paris at the end of last year to work for Louis Vuitton as a bag developer (fair enough).

It was pretty incredible having her on our team for a year as a machinist and sample maker. We loved learning all that we possibly could from her; we also loved fromage feasts with Lise and her partner Guillaume at their place  who knew there were so many different ways to eat cheese.

As a part of our AW18 collection we've launched a clutch in honor of Lise — in both 2/6 and 3/4 sizes.

We love you, come back. 

Adrian, Katherine, Brigette, Youhan, Dom, Temara & Jessie x

Meet the family — Lise