Meet the Family — Youhan

Meet Youhan, machinist by day, dancing queen by night.

Youhan came to us as an intern in 2016 and has since made his way into our full time team. He used to be a contemporary dancer but is now better known for his catwalk creations. Youhan has just turned 21 and is the life of the party - his death drop at the 16' christmas do secured him a role at Yu Mei.

What are you currently working on at Yu Mei?

I'm top stitching the 1/1 Hunter Suede Braidy Bags. I just figured out how to make the embossing last on suede.

What's been your favourite moment at Yu Mei?

Going to New Zealand Fashion Week with the Yu Mei team and having a behind the scenes experience as well as learning to make all the bags.

And worst?

I haven't really had any bad moments, I enjoy working here. It's probably been my favourite job so far. I love you guys.

What's your favourite Yu Mei bag?

The 3/4 Lise Clutch in the Shrunken Tobacco.

Favourite TV series?

Fuck I honestly don't watch anything.

Words to live by? 

"If you can't love yourself how the hell are you going to love somebody else" - RuPaul.


Meet the Family — Youhan