Meet The Yu Mei Family — Adrian

Meet Adrian, otherwise known as Adrio, the high patriarch of the Yu Mei family.

Adrian is our production manager and keeps this ship sailing even through the busiest of deadlines. He is famous for his sassy nature and has been known to use the phrase 'all rise for your Queen' as he arrives to work (which our interns take very seriously).

What are you currently working on at Yu Mei?

"The Jane Bag, we're deep in production for SS17/18"

What's been your favourite moment at Yu Mei?

"Probably fashion week last year, I could hear all the cameras going off and I was loving that... and making the bag."

And worst?

"The 53 hours getting everything prepped for the Good as Gold launch. It was very fun but we knew deep in our souls we were not going to sleep. If I had a super power it would be to not need sleep."

Favourite Yu Mei bag?

"It's in the next collection, but i'll say the Hazel Backpack is still my fave. Two in one!"

Best dance jam right now?

"On the Regular by Shamir"

Words to live by?

"You don't have to get ready if you stay ready" — Ru Paul

Meet The Yu Mei Family — Adrian