Meet the Yu Mei family — Rachel

Meet Rachel, OG Yu Mei intern turned production wiz. Rach has been with us since early 2015 when the label started, out of the corner of a South Dunedin warehouse. People wouldn't have been aware at the time, but it was two girls, making bags, on a fairly unglamorous trestle table.

Rach did the hard yards with Jessie. Before Yu Mei was big enough to outsource strap cutting, those babies were all painstakingly sliced by hand - with meter long rulers, a steady grip and craft knives. No one else at Yu Mei experienced those times and we hope no on ever will.

What are you currently working on at Yu Mei?

We are super busy with dispatch, making heaaaps of dustbags, I hope people know we make those in house!

What's been your favourite moment at Yu Mei?

NZFW, both years!! Being apart of it and helping out with the Instagram & Snapchat. 

In studio I really enjoy the daily pots of tea in the workroom thanks to Dom.

And worst?

Hmmm probably strap cutting back in the day, I was Jessie's first intern when Yu Mei first started in Dunedin.

Favourite Yu Mei bag?

Currently loving my 3/4 Caughley, however I am coveting the 2/6 Lise clutch from AW18 which will be out in Feb. Also my PINK now vintage Yu Mei Hazel Backpack which Jessie made for me when I was interning back in 2015.

Favourite film?

I really enjoyed Dries at this years film festival.

Top three on the playlist?

Anything Harry Styles, 'Kiwi' is probably my favourite, Tame Impala, Elephant & Bad Blood Nao.

Words to live by?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi


Meet the Yu Mei family — Rachel