Meet the Yu Mei Family — Temara

Meet Temara, OG intern turned production extraordinaire and coder in the making. This hacker babe can css your html in a heartbeat. Still rocking a ZTE phone, Temara is the cool girl we wish we were and has extensive knowledge all music that's not in the top 50. 

What are you currently working on at Yu Mei?
'I'm currently working on trying to win a new phone while on piecing together the Coco Caughley bags, there's lots of moving parts.'

What's been your favourite moment at Yu Mei?
'Going down to Dunedin with you guys for the Slick Willy's launch last year.'

And worst?
'When I had to relocate the pigeon eggs off the balcony to the garden outside.'

Favourite Yu Mei bag?
'The new Hannah! The cylinder is so cute.' 

Favourite song right now?
'It's a bit emo, I saw it on an emotional scene of the OC and it really spoke to me. World at large by Modest Mouse.'

Words to live by?
'I am bad and that is good, I will never be good and that's not bad, there's no one i'd rather be than me.' - Wreck-It Ralph





Meet the Yu Mei Family — Temara