Yu Mei Travels Mrs. Pound, Hong Kong

Early 2016 Yu Mei travelled to Hong Kong on a sourcing mission, and along the way we ended up in all sorts of other spots. One of our favourites was Mrs. Pound in Hong Kong's Sheng Wan area. Mrs. Pound is a speak easy for those in the know, requiring you to pull on a one of the restaurants hidden chop stamps to open up. As legend has it, Mrs. Pound was one of Hong Kong's spiciest burlesque dancers. That was until she ran away to be with her true lover, Mr. Ming, a wealthy yet reserved gentleman from Hong Kong. He gifted her his favourite stamp shop to turn into her personal domain, and even today the store frontage remains to hide Mrs. Pound and her location a secret.

Photography by Megan McPhail Model: Alana Tsui



Yu Mei Travels  Mrs. Pound, Hong Kong